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We help you stand out from the rest by telling your unique business story.


The video we create together makes you stand out from the rest by telling your unique business story. 

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The video Dayna shot and produced for us is truly amazing. The first time my husband and I watched it we laughed and cried so hard! It’s an absolute treasure. My memories of the day have changed and faded since the wedding and it’s so special to go back and relive the evening through video. Since then Dayna has produced music videos for my husbands music career. I will continue to hire her.
— Rachel Hanss Blair

She “gets” personalities so well and definitely tailors the production to the couple. I was sooo impressed! That kind of flexibility and eye for unique artistry are, in my opinion, the most important traits in a videographer.
— Brynn Foulds

My wedding video is the most beautiful wedding video I have ever seen. Stella Haus films really takes the time to make your video personal to you. They are very professional and very sweet. Dayna is probably the nicest person you will ever meet.
— Libby Reese

Dayna is kind and patient and her voice is soothing. She loves what she does and it is contagious in the way you automatically love what she does too. Every video inspired. Not just those you know but I have watched every clip she has released and even her own videos. — Mary Louise Lucio

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