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We help you stand out from the rest by telling your unique business story.


The video we create together makes you stand out from the rest by telling your unique business story. 

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Dayna De Hoyos


Dayna De Hoyos is a Texan born and raised. She lives in the Hillcountry with her husband and animals. She loves nature, natural light, and authentic moments, which she incorporates it into her films. Dayna created Stella Haus in 2001 shortly after her grandmother Stella De Hoyos died. The “Stella” in Stella Haus is in her memory. Dayna ran Stella Haus Art Space from 2001 till 2013. She moved to the Hillcountry in 2013 where Stella Haus Films professional services was born. She continues to incorporate an artistic eye in all her professional films.


Customer Service

Jett is the wonder Dog. He knows when Dayna needs to take a break from the computer and walk outside. He keeps Dayna on track with a happy heart and a warm doggy smile.


Human Resources

Tiglet is Dayna’s first rescue kitty and muse. Tiglet was rescued out in the middle of nowhere when he was just 2 weeks old. She nursed him to health, and he been her constant editing companion for the past 2 years.



Ruby is Dayna’s newest family member, born on January 27th, 2015. Ruby is Dayna’s constant companion. Ruby is a wonderful addition to the Stella Haus Family and makes sure everyone is greeted with a wagging tail and a warm belly to rub.

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